what is future flavour?

like nothing you have

ever tasted before.


a delicious blend of several secret natural flavours -

packed with vitamin c's b's


we added purple corn (zea mays) superfood extracts. the only energy drink to contain this in the world*

purple corn is high in delphinidins. it's been suggested this type of polyphenol can reduce cardiovascular disease.

*Based on our research 2021


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0140 358 1728


wE are Bazi Q & Troy --


winners in taste - founders of a

luxury energy drink -

bursting with a great taste compared to other energy drinks. fruity decadent tones and rich natural colour


this is a luxury mixer - blends well with gin - vodka, epic with rum.... generally makes awesome cocktails.... smoothies & sorbets --- - for the artisan cocktail maker -- - for the expensive good taste buds - - quality over quantity ----

100% taste


future flavour -                         With 35mg caffeine

100% taste +                                100% Vitamin C Vitamin B's.                                   per 250ml

7.5g sugar                                      per can


available in a pack of 6 x 250ml cans

------ -- --- Contains sugar - natural flavours -- No Stevia --- -- ----


Future Flavour sold in packs of 6 x 250ml

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